Flippin' Off Hunger with a Bird of a Different Feather

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5 stars

Great experience and service We were so glad we have found this place to made special evening with very delicious food presentations!!! If you have more stars opportunity , we give you 7*

Yulia Kopylova visited on 2024-03-31
Three Course Dinner Reservation × 2


Our sunny patio is open and dog friendly!

Ember is now using Tock for reservations. You can find our reservation button here on our website or go to: www.exploretock.com/ember-breckenridge

Ember is currently offering the choice of a two-course dinner for $68/person or a three course dinner for $78/person. There are several choices from each course.  A la carte dining is available at a table for two in the lounge or at the bar.

We are currently closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

Chef/Owner Scotty B. has reached into the dark corners of his cranium to create fun and interesting cuisine that is sure to please! Ember: Like nothing else.

Gluten free and kid’s menus available as well.

Please join us every day in the bar from 5-6 p.m., for euphoric hour, where you will receive 2 for 1 appetizers and discounts on beer, wine and cocktails!

Come see what Chef Scotty B. has cooking for Summer!

We look forward to seeing you!



Gracious for support of my culinary evolution habit.

Each day’s practice between creativity and labor, where poetry in food is methodically composed.

The love is in the art of giving.

Each ingredient died for our nourishment.

Ceaselessly foraging muses to be dissected and digested.

I will cook until I can no longer feed myself.

Tastefully yours,
Chef/Owner Scotty Boshaw