The Restaurant

Welcome to Ember, the house that Scotty B. built.  Not with hammer and nails (though he did do much of the remodel himself), but with passion, vision and artistic ability.  You see, Scotty B. is an artist.  He studied poetry while in college and before he ever considered working in a kitchen, Scotty was creating beautiful works of art through language.  Anyone who has ever had a conversation with him knows that his choice of words are not simply to convey an idea, but to bring that idea to life. To make that idea not only clear, but interesting and fun as well.

With his food, Scotty hopes to take you on a culinary adventure.

Each item on his menu is well thought out and inspired. Like a true artist, Scotty is compelled to create and then have his creations disseminated into the public domain (of your belly). He will prepare food for you unlike anything you have ever had before.  He hopes to provide you with flavor combinations and textures of which you may have never seen paired together.  His menu borrows from cultures, regions and countries all over the earth- “global contemporary cuisine” as it has been called.

“Uncommon food for the common man” has been Scotty’s mantra since he first opened the doors back in 2009.  His desire is for the food to be interesting and inventive yet approachable. You may not know every item on the menu but the staff here at Ember is more than happy to be your guide through the culinary countryside. Pig ear French fries, lamb cheeks, shrimp corn dogs, lobster biscuits and gravy, salt and lime cured crickets—yes crickets!—are just a few of the items that have been featured on our seasonal menus presented by Scott Boshaw throughout the years.

Truthfully, the house that Scotty B. built is more of a home.  It is a home to the Ember family.  Most of us working in the mountains are far from family and loved ones.  We have left our homes behind in search of beautiful surroundings and a healthy lifestyle.  Here at Ember, we have found our home away from home.  When arriving for work, there is no one more welcoming than our fearless leader, Scotty B. His positive attitude is infectious and sets the tone for the entire evening.  His energy permeates the building.  Guests who comment about the friendly atmosphere and detailed service are often blind to the fact that a majority of that energy radiates from the kitchen of the home that Scotty B. built.  We are happy and eager to invite you into our home.

From 2 people to 82 people, Ember is able to accommodate your dining needs, desires and wishes. We have a gluten-free menu as well as a kids’ menu.  We have a private dining room seating up to 20 persons and affordable buy-out options of the entire restaurant.  We can accommodate dietary needs as well as allergy restrictions.  We also offer off-site catering.

Please allow us to introduce you to the house that Scotty B. built.  The house that we are happy to call home. “Put a spark in your night. Let us warm your soul”.  And don’t worry, we can put the crickets on the side.