The Bar

“Hold your breath…Make a wish…Count to three…
Come with me and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination.”
–Willy Wonka

Every time you walk through the doorway into the dining bar at Ember, we are inviting you into our home to take a trip into the fantastical. A trip with old friend and new acquaintances through the culinary landscape of our dreams. A landscape created by the palette of our Mad Hatter chef/owner/spiritual leader Scott Boshaw and his imaginative crew of friends who make this old Victorian a home. Intrigued? Then take one more step, turn the knob, spread your arms and jump- we’ll catch you. Come on in, the water is warm.

Whether you are coming in for Euphoric Hour (happy hour doesn’t do justice to how we feel) for some libation and a bite, joining us for a full meal or just winding down after a long day at work, you will eat something, drink something, learn something or teach something that will make you realize why you came out to play in the first place. We thank you for that and are glad you jumped in with both feet. If you didn’t, you would be the only one left on the bridge and how much fun would that be?

So pull up a seat and let your taste buds off their leash. Take another step and try something new, or sit back in the comfort of an old favorite and savor the moment. It is all up to you, we rig the game in your favor and will always draw 4 aces at our table. In the end it only works out for us if you leave wondering how and if it really happened in the first place. It did and it does. Some people say we see the world through rose colored glasses around here. We say we see it through the bottom of a wine glass, in the reflections of your plate licked clean. So come on in, drain a glass, lick a plate, we’ve been waiting for you.