Bar Menu

No Ice For You...Up

Apple of my Rye // 
bulleit rye. calvados apple brandy. apple bitters. twist.   12
Sexy Woman // 
jalapeño infused vodka. passion fruit. citrus. sugar rim.    11
Crazy Uncle Sherry // 
bulleit bourbon. sweet vermouth. sherry. cherry.    13
Snow Capped Peaks // 
breck gin. lillet blanc. earl grey syrup. lemon.    11
Something Yummy // 
kettle one citron. amaretto. cranberry. lemon.   12
Pear-tini // 
pear vodka. st. germain liqueur. lime.    11

It's A Bit Rocky...Ice

Blueberry Crush // 
blueberry vodka. blueberries. citrus.    11
The Rum Burgundy // 
crusoe spiced rum. ginja cherry liquor. lime. soda water.    11
Dorothy’s Daydream // 
lillet blanc. grand poppy liqueur. gin.    11
Moscow Mule // 
vodka. canton ginger. ginger beer. citrus.    11
Como Se Llama? // 
mezcal. triple sec. lemon. red wine float.    13

Fun For All

Blueberry Soda // 
blueberry puree. ginger soda. lemon.   5
Passion Fruit Press // 
passion fruit puree. sprite. soda water   5
Fresh Lemonade Soda // 
lemon juice. simple syrup.   5


Manhattan // 
bourbon. sweet vermouth. bitters. cherry.    13
Old Fashioned // 
bourbon. sugar. bitters. cherry. cube.    13
Sazerac // 
rye bourbon. absinthe. peychaud’s bitters. twist.   12
Aviation // 
gin. maraschino liquor. creme de violette. lemon. cherry.   12
Negroni // 
gin. sweet vermouth. campari. lemon twist.    12
French 75 // 
gin. orange liqueur. bubbles. citrus.   10
Martini // 
choice of gin or vodka; olives, blue cheese olives or a twist.   12